My current GTD implementation

It will never be perfect, but here’s the current procedure:

Many thanks to two bloggers who gave me some of the basic ideas I’m using:

Friday is commonly my weekly review day. The two minute rule, for me is more like 30 minutes. Let’s face it, there is Very Little in the world that can get done in two minutes. I pick up the first thing in my path and try to see if I can deal with it. If it’s a project, e.g. cannot be completed right away, I write it down, using the back of a piece of scratch paper, so that I have a large stack of uncategorized projects.

I do not have a huge number of ever-changing projects. I have under 50 that take a long time to complete. I have manipulated a contact list in Outlook to show current projects, Context and next actions in Outlook:
Outlook 2007 GTD
What I just discovered yesterday, if you look at the heading, is how to sort this list by Category and Context. You just drag and drop the column headings! Duh. Sometimes this is the stuff that takes me half the day.
If the project is for a future month, I file it in that month’s folder, which I keep with me.

Within the current month’s folder, I use clear project files (open on 2 sides) such as these color coded for context. EX: green=home, blue=staff meeting, etc. These are great because they are transparent and keep documents more secure than the usual manilla folder.

If the project’s supporting documents are too large to fit in the project file, I put a tickler in the context file and put the materials in a ‘cubbie’ in my office. I put the Maybe/Somedays and the Watiing Fors in their own cubbie until Weekly Review time.


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