Goodbye SeaWitch

Yesterday (Full moon in Saggitarius) I made the decision to leave our SeaWitch house and move to a new sim where our good friend Ira has put together a lovely environment. I know which parcel will be mine, but after leafing through PAGES and PAGES of homes on xstreet, and just not seeing the right one (SeaWitch won’t fit in space OR prims) my new home will be a sky platform where I will hang out in spectacular isolation until I build my own. How’s that for forcing creativity?

Gathering pictures and textures for the project. I want something Greene and Greene-ish. Brennan homes are close, but are all too big for what I want. I’d be grateful for any ideas. Also if you would like the Flanagan House, please comment or IM. It’s a gracious, beautiful home and the sim is wonderful..


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