Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron Conjunction in Aquarius

The last time this particular configuration unleashed itself was 1945. From the anecdotes I’ve heard, it’s had a deep impact on people, for better or worse depending on which house it’s hitting. Chiron can bring up ancient wounds and Neptune invites possibly harmful or dissapative ways of escaping such, so it’s hardly an unmixed bag of joy but creative breakthroughs are certainly in the air. Someone I know with this transit poorly aspected in the sixth has serious health issues, another friend where it’s in the 5th is having family problems triggering old and difficult patterns. For me, it lands in the empty third of my locomotive chart (9th house) and it feels like someone put me on a rocket. After months of retrograde lethargy, I’m running on 5 hours sleep because of almost constant creative juices flowing. Plodding (ok, call it stable) as I usually am, I have some insight into what manic states are like right now. Well, I love to be obsessed and love to learn and it’s full speed ahead. Enjoy the ride. Thanks to Melanie Reinhart for the image. See also Lynda Hill’s lovely take on the Sabian symbol for this configuration.


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