Giving up the devil bean

caffeine addictionCaffeine is the Vic Mackey of substance abuse. Much harm is suspected, but they just don’t seem to be able to nail the sucker. I remember a late 70’s scare about coffee and breast cancer (‘One Lump or Two?’ is the sick headline I remember to this day) but that seemed not to play out.  Not only that, but caffeine might be protective against Alzheimer’s disease.  Caffeine is a complicated character that is obviously not blank and white.

I got into coffee in Berkeley, where it is a sacramental affair, not to be taken lightly. My ritual is very set. French roast, fresh ground, dripped into a single cup with a Melita (brown, unbleached) filter. Used grounds composted. How I love that early morning buzz, the influence of which sets me browsing through my RSS feeds and feeling that (Gemini rising) mental high. I have always wondered though, if coffee aggravates my genetic abnormal sleep patterns. Extreme early rising and subsequent unavoidable mental crashing in the evening. I wonder too about any relation it might have to my chronic migraine, just to mention one more lingering accusation about the devil bean.

Seratonin, though, just might be something that  pushes me to try withdrawal.  Times are hard and we’ve got to preserve any seratonin we still have left. And my S.O. has had to give it up AGAIN, in consideration of his reflux, so that leaves me the only household consumer. AND we are really broke right now, so the $40/month we spend on bags of French Roast might be a factor.

I do dread coming off the bean though. I might require hospitalization:)  Encouragement, strategies?
Thanks to Kathryn Vercillo for the image.


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