Why a rational person might use Astrology or Tarot

Circle of zodiacI had a discussion with a very smart SL denizen recently who, though very polite, wasn’t that accepting of my astrology practice. I completely understand her reservations. Her main complaint, if I can fairly paraphrase, is that astrology, in particular, mis-appropriates astronomical names, associations and functions for deceptive purposes. Historically, of course, astronomy place-names and associations tap into ancient wisdom systems, including astrology, that invoke what I will call the Western Tradition. Jupiter the god predates Jupiter the planet, but no mind. The “deception” of the astrological process and how that deception might be rationalized is more what I want to address.

Despite a scientific education, I have also studied astrology off and on for more than 30 years. Contradiction? Well, I wouldn’t waste my time trying to collect statistics to ‘prove’ that astrology is ‘true’. Astrology is only ‘true’ in the way fiction is true. It manifests wisdom that is already within us. My focus is practical, client centered astrology. How can this ancient system, with its (perhaps deserved) bad reputation for manipulation, not to say just plain rip-off, have any justification? My thesis is that there is an underlying inner wisdom that a knowledgeable reader can access through the images and associations of astrology or tarot. No hocus pocus. No woo woo. This is pure intuition made accessible through use of a visualization. This is information concerning the client or their question that I already sense, brought forward for the client and for me by use of a symbolic grid.

An example. A blog that I regularly follow is David Seah . I love David because he struggles so vicerally with his productivity. David creates intoxicatingly beautiful pdf productivity forms and shares them with the world. He admits, charmingly, that he is better at organizing than actually accomplishing anything. He’s been drafting many versions of what I see as his One True Productivity Form. The holy grail of forms. He recently posted a video tarot reading from a compassionate reader who presents his comments in the form of a reading designed to help David in his quest. I so loved this example of how, as the tarot reader says, images can be problem solvers. Thank you John. This is truth as I believe it.*

Perhaps the young people of today, who, we’re told, have a predominate orientation to visual rather than verbal acuity will find new ways to tap into this phenomenon. No reason Flickr entries can’t be used as tarot cards. Anything could be used. It isn’t the tool, it’s the quality of the symbolic system you’re tapping into.

* It was also a delightful intersection of two of my main obsessions: GTD and Astrology. WOW!


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