She’s Leaving Home

journey 1 Idyl to las Vegas

4 h 7 min (280.9 mivia I-15 N

The way I have to get out of town without forgetting things is to make a list the day before, every time anything occurs to me. Then decipher the hieroglyphics over strong coffee in the morning. “Glasses”, “Passport”, “Chargers”.

(I hate this route, because it feels like backtracking into Los Angeles. I can go through the boonies, and may, still. Via Amboy, which was for sale, not too long ago: lock stock and barrel. It’s longer, but directionally more satisfying. I have a couple of hours to make up my mind.)

On my way out of town, I’m leaving my kefir culture on the doorstep of my friend L., who won’t be up for hours. Perhaps my sister-in-law in Colorado will be interested in starting a new one.

My daughter is already in Vegas — she flew there yesterday. She wants to see me alone when I get there, anticipating emotions, perhaps, that she doesn’t want her boyfriend to witness. Our family is in pieces and is only now beginning our reassembly. I had a heavy conversation with the ex yesterday. More about that later.



One response to “She’s Leaving Home

  1. While the circumstances are not ideal, your road trip is amazing and I am enjoying reading your journey. You have such a way with words. 🙂

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