Art-deco Shakespeare


5 h 27 min (350.1 mivia I-15 N

It’s going to be a longer drive tomorrow, and I’ve never been north on I-15 from here. I want to leave pretty early in the morning. This morning I spent at the laundromat — sort of built into the KOA campground and that was interesting people-watching for sure. Two Warren Jeffs style women (long dark dresses, boots) were there when I arrived. They were each amusingly engrossed in crossword puzzle books.  Today was a parade too, with a good part of downtown blocked off for a celebration of the arrival of Mormon settlers. This had the annoying result of cutting me off from any possibility of lunch. Thunderclouds hovered all day and there was a little rain. Cooled off nicely.


Puck – Utah Shakespeare Festival (SUU)

Loved the performance of ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ I went to this afternoon. As with all the plays I’ve seen here, they pay extra attention to clarity of diction and the acting was excellent.

I got an email from hometown folks (“oh you poor thing”) and it plunged me into gloom. Perhaps I am just plain tired of talking about this predicament.  It’s 3 days out and I have a wall of exhaustion I notice that pops in right about this time on a trip. I really need to pace myself.  I got a hotel in Vernal for the next two nights, because they are cheap and I can be alone ahead of a good two weeks of family. (Vail, Taos). I want to see the dinosaur stuff!

I will keep writing, but posting will depend on the internet connection. Far more in the boonies.


3 responses to “Art-deco Shakespeare

  1. If you pass near Dinosaur National Monument or nearby, say hello to the Yampa River for me. Such beautiful country and I haven’t been near it in years.

  2. Thanks for your posts. I visited that part of the country many times with my former SO. Must get back there again!

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