Into the Family Nest

vernal to vail

3 h 52 min (226.8 mivia I-70 E

By tonight, my (so far) solitary journey will gain quite a few more characters: brother and sister-in-law, any of their children who aren’t off doing their various good works (my nephew and nieces are rather extraordinary), and my stepmother and her boyfriend who are flying from San Diego. I’m just piggy-backing on this already arranged gathering for the Vail Dance Festival, that my SIL attends every year. The house we’ll be staying at belongs to my SIL’s father.  I will be glad to see everyone — and I’ll be ready to extract myself in a few days, if I’m honest.

dinoThe exhibit of dinosaur fossils dug out of the quarry (about 15 miles east of Vernal) was quite wonderful. Easy to see that my troubles, to paraphrase Humphrey Bogart, don’t amount to a hill of 150 million year old bones.  The vistas of the rivers and canyons were awesome as well.  Rivers older than the Green and the Yampa split mountains in half and swept these gigantic corpses into what became a scientific treasure trove. Worth the trip to hear the squeals of delight from dino-mad children 🙂

On my way out of town, I’m driving up from the Canyon park HQ to see some last views. The Green River Campground inside the Park looked like a place you might never leave until winter.

I was hesitant to bring my coffee stuff, but I’m glad I did. My hotel neighbors aren’t going to be happy when I grind beans in about a minute here, but hey, it’s 5:38 AM. Up and at ’em I say.  Glad this hotel still has an old fashioned coffeemaker that lets you heat up water. (Insert rant about Keurig here.)


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