Soft Landing

vail kitchen

Vail kitchen

It was a long drive through CO backroads from Vernal yesterday. After tons of warning signs, I finally really did see a cow walking along the road!  And then a deer, a prairie dog and a jack rabbit. I was happy. Lovely country and some exquisite little towns near Steamboat Springs.      I-70 a mess, as it has been on every trip to the Denver area. I put it in the category of RTFYUs (Roads that fuck you up — along with LA’s 405 and other traitorous thoroughfares).

I am fortunate to be here. Vail is just unbelievably green and gorgeous. Many of the same plants I grow at home but because of abundant water and FOOD IN THE SOIL, they are triple the size. The shasta daisies!  The hosta!

It was just me and my SIL C. yesterday until almost midnight when the San Diego contingent arrived. So we got to have a long walk along the creek and a deep conversation about our respective marriages. My brother is a great dad and an excellent businessman, but a Trumpist. C. says it’s ripping her apart. It’s like having a family member fall into the hands of a cult. My theory, and C. agrees, is that he lacks some essential critical thinking ability. C. has sufficient resources to consider getting her own place — she feels the need for more space, so we talked about the dangers of a marriage with parallel tracks. This was a phrase that my ex and I often used. It turned out that I meant ‘parallel’ with strong if indistinct connections, and that he wasn’t so aware of those connections.

An IDY friend writes: “you are literally moving on with your life”. I just love that!





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