Journey Week 2

ford amphi

Ford Amphitheatre, Vail, CO

It’s hard for me to believe I only left a week ago Saturday I’ve seen and experienced so much. I have decided to stay here until August 5th the before heading south to Taos. How could one turn down a chance to spend a few days in such a beautiful place, especially alone? (Says the introvert.) This is the off-season in Vail, which of course is primarily a ski area. (Vail was founded by a member of the 10th Mountain Ski Patrol, who trained here in WWII and were subsequently able to get a jump on the Nazis in the Alps.) I know nothing about skiing, but I’m impressed by the large network of lifts and the towering slopes all around us. There is a perfect, Disney-ish feeling here – tons of money, for sure, but the magnificent landscapes and plants are real. Saturday night, we attended the opening night of the Vail Dance Festival – excellent. Right next to the amphitheater is a garden of Alpine plants. California’s wildflowers peak in May but for the high mountain country (we’re above 8000 feet here) it might be now.

The opening programme was a mix of ballet and modern and featured a new-ish Los Angeles Company I didn’t even know about. LA Dance Project. I will be sure to see them again if I can.




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