Forest Reflections



Everyone’s gone here — and I have a few days of solitary contemplation. And some errands. I had to call Triple A yesterday to come and put the spare tire on the Subaru -a visiting handyman pointed out to me that I had a flat.  I am so glad I was relatively motionless, and not on the freeway. Today I go over to Eagle to hopefully get the flat one patched. It’s a pretty new tire.

I also, the ex informs me, got called for JURY DUTY. (Date to report is the actual day of the eclipse!) Sheesh. So I wrote a letter that will hopefully explain my absence from California, possibly for good. Have to get that mailed today.

Perhaps it was writing that letter, or being alone, but some of the demons have returned. Just wondering how this will all turn out. Meanwhile, reading, walking, dreaming. Watched When we were Kings , the documentary on the 1974 Ali/Forman fight in Zaire, which was excellent. Obsessively explored all 1000+ channels on the TV here, and found 1000+ channels of crap. Back to reading my own strange stuff, thanks. There’s a chamber concert tonight: $50. I should probably go.

To Dixon, NM (south of Taos) on Saturday, the day after tomorrow.




One response to “Forest Reflections

  1. My friend, the demons will always try to return until you cut them off at the pass and own them. I can explain. 😉
    As far as TV, yeah, it’s pretty much all crap, except football.
    Rich was in Idyllwild this past weekend, thought of you.
    Enjoy your piece of quiet.

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