Vail to Dixon, NM

vail walk

Vail has been so quiet and peaceful. As far as I can be right now, I am restored. I walked further along the creek this morning.

Saturday morning: on to New Mexico. Dixon is just a bit south of Taos and about an hour from Santa Fe. My stepbrother is helping to look after a large place there and is considering moving to the area.  I know he wants to show me around — and I want to see. He’s got problems with connecting a TV to the internet, so perhaps I can be of use.  It will be hotter!  I’d kind of forgotten about it being, you know, August. I have spread out here and there’s a detailed list of things to do when exiting. I think I’ll pack up everything I can tonight and make as early an exit as I can in the morning.

We have an offer on the property we put up for sale a couple of months ago. However, the agent is the Other Woman. Yup. Still. This was after the ex promised we would use another agent. So I get edocs from her to sign and she gets the commission. I am so f’ing mad.  The funds will mean that we can pay off a few key loans, increasing monthly cash flow, and making my travels feasible, or even put a sizeable down payment on a new place, should I find it. But right at this moment I feel so alone and vulnerable and out-numbered. I am not signing right at this moment. Let the conspirators worry a bit. I am packing and cleaning and just doing other stuff.

vail to dixon

Vail, CO to Dixon, NM 5 h 57 min (282.6 mivia US-285 S 


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