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suggestionsAn old cartoon I found in papers that I’m steadily scanning and throwing away.


Mandala by Stacey WillsFrom “God’s Hotel: A Doctor, A Hospital, and Pilgrimage to the Heart of Medicine”  Victoria Sweet

“Viriditas comes from the Latin word for green, viridis–which also gives the French vert, and the Italian and Spanish verde. Viriditas meant greenness. So usually it referred to the color of plants or of gems like emerald, although it was also used metphorically to mean vigor or youthfulness.

But Hildegard [of Bingen] used viriditas–greening or greenness–in a broader sense…She used it to mean the power of plants to put forth leaves, flowers and fruits; and she also used it for the analogous power of human beings to to grow, to give birth, and to heal.”






WWI began, says Micheal S. Neiberg, because ” a select group of perhaps a dozen men willed it or stumbled incompetently around a situation that they thought they could control until it was too late.”


I’ve never been able to sort photos effectively. Not 15 minutes into the process I’m completely overwhelmed with this tremendous sadness. A festering melancholia overtakes me and I have to push the piles back into a box for another day.   All the people gone forever, the youth gone forever, the love gone forever, the energy gone forever.

The problem with getting older is that I’m getting that feeling more and more and I didn’t open up that box of pictures. My mind is becoming that box of images in itself.

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The Four Agreements

What’s with the Password Protected Posts??

As I try to move forward with a virtual astrology practice, I’m experimenting with putting readings online accessible to only the people concerned. After I get familiar with the technique (Word, SnagIt, PSP… wow takes some doing) I’ll probably post a sample reading. And of course, if you would like your own reading, please contact me.


This is my beautiful friend Zin, restless beauty-centered and quite the coach.