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In my Dream Office

Dream Office

No, this isn’t permanently mine, but I’m borrowing the image, because this is truly my dream office. Just sitting here fills me with peace.

How can SL affect RL? Well, if you can’t even visualize what you want, how can you achieve it? I am currently experiencing my usual Fall surge of energy and organization — undermined by the Holidays, usually, but those are weeks away and promise to be relatively inobstrusive. The energy rush is due to a GTD restart, which Always Works, but there are other factors too. Losing one part time job, which has been great, but I now realize, has taken up a lot of psychic energy. Time to turn the soil. Time to look around for new possibilities. Time to finish the novel. My friend Zin and I are meeting every Saturday, virtually, to further our agreed upon goals. Coaching is very powerful. One page at a time. One task at a time. Keeping an eye on your goals.